A Beacon of Light in Bronx, NY

Rev. Dr. Linton Thomas

Rev. Linton Thomas is a licensed and ordained pastor in the United Brethren denomination. He pastored several churches in Jamaica, West Indies, before migrating to the United States. He served in various capacities within the Jamaica Conference of the United Brethren Church. In addition to his pastoral duties, Rev. Thomas taught Religious Education at Ardenne…

Ms. Youlet Staff

As the Minister of Music, Minister Youlet Staff works with the Senior Pastor and the Church board in planning and directing the music programs and the ministries of the church. Minister Staff is also responsible for advising the praise and worship leaders and other musicians in the church.

Mrs. Aletha Beckford

Mrs. Aletha Beckford currently serves as Minister of Counseling at the First Church of the United Brethren, In Christ. As Minister of Counseling, she has provided guidance and spiritual direction to those who are in need. In addition, Minister Aletha Beckford is currently the Director of Christian Education. While serving as Director of Christian Education, she is responsible…

Mrs. Lurline Larmond

Rev. Lurline Larmond is one of the founding members of the First Church of United Brethren In Christ. Throughout the years, Minister Larmond continues to encourage, pray and build the work of God. Minister Larmond currently serves as Lay Leader.

Mr. Horace Daley

Mr. Horace Daley is a Deacon of the First Church of the United Brethren, In Christ and currently serves as the Head of the Finance Department. Mr. Daley wears many hats. He is the lead keyboard player in the music department, he serves as a choir member, Assistant Sunday School Teacher and former Assistant Director of the Men’s Mission International.

Mr. Hubert Johnson

Deacon Hubert Johnson provides administrative support through facilities management and Serves as a long standing Deacon at the First Church of the United Brethren In Christ. He also is a member of the First UB Choir.